Aude Fluckiger

Anthropologist, trainer

Chinese language & culture

Thirteen years of experience in contact with Chinese culture… 

My studies in Chinese Language and Civilization (University of Geneva 2005-2009) allowed me to dive deeply and rigorously into Mandarin language (texts studies and translations) and to seriously examine this culture in its wholeness. My goal was to investigate this civilization at its roots in order to better understand it under today’s rapidly changing features.

Settled in Taiwan (Republic of China) for five years, I have immersed in the Chinese speaking university system among my Taiwanese colleagues. My Master in anthropology conducted me to lead a long fieldwork about an indigenous population of the island. During those years, I have integrated into the Chinese-speaking society and investigated on various subjects.

I have worked for local employers (research assistant, interpreter for field missions, teacher, translator), where I could experiment the Chinese institutions from the inside, as well as their ways of operating on a daily basis.

Taiwan: the guardian of Chinese traditions 

Through my travels in China, I often felt frustrated because of the extensive loss of cultural references caused by modern history. I couldn’t find the answers to understand the huge paradoxes this nation harbors. As the opposite side of the coin, Taiwan is today one of the highlights of the traditional culture of China. Having not suffered the effects of Maoism, Taiwan could develop economically (notably under the Japanese influence) while preserving tightly its traditional roots and values: rituals, customs and popular beliefs have remained extremely lively.
Between those two poles, I found a lot of answers that helped me understand today’s very contrasted world that is China.

My professional experiences with Chinese employers both in Asia and Switzerland (teaching, hostelry, medical and tourist sectors) brought me a deep knowledge on the cultural and professional Chinese codes.

Today as a certified trainer (FSEA-Swiss federation for continuous training) I give cultural trainings that are specially tailored for companies who collaborate with China and do translations in Mandarin, French and English. My fields of intervention are : Food & technology industry, IMD Lausanne, Advanced medical industry, watchmaking industry, etc.

I would gladly reply to your question or provide further information.