Are you preparing to have contacts with Chinese collaborators?

Do you already have regular contacts with China and you would find useful to understand this culture better?

You would like to improve your work relations with your Chinese partners?

Whether you have never been to China or had many opportunities to get familiar with this culture, this training will provide you with new tools of understanding and application.

I propose the following content :


Understand the Chinese world today : Key notions of hierarchy, identity, the importance of honor, understand better the paradoxes of this culture. 


Integrate in China : How to preserve the image of your interlocutors; establish trust relationships;         avoid behaviors considered “taboo” (often ignored by Westerners).


Business and “know how to be” : what is behind the process of negotiation and the contracts, how to communicate adequately, interpret smiles and silences.


Valorize your image with some Chinese : the structure of pictograms, the four tones. Introduce yourself easily, escape sensitive situations in Mandarin, etc.

Be aware that your knowledge of the language, even modest, will be greatly appreciated by the Chinese!

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